The Tensor Tournament T3 – Recap

Students working diligently in the Tensor Tournament T3
Participants of the Tensor Tournament T3 working on the ML challenges.

The Tensor Tournament T3, held as part of the VHB courses “Machine Learning for Engineers I” and “Machine Learning for Engineers II”, was a thrilling experience for all 27 teams of students who participated. The competition, which took place on January 21, 2023, challenged teams to solve three different machine-learning tasks.

One of the highlights of the tournament was the live leaderboard, which kept participants on the edge of their seats as they competed for the top spots. The hard work and dedication of all teams was evident, making for a truly competitive and exciting experience. The tournament also provided a great opportunity for participants to bond and connect with their peers over pizza and drinks during the mid-tournament break.

When the dust settled, the top three teams were 1. M&M, 2. Stochastics AA, and 3. conda_activated. These teams truly excelled, showcasing their skills and knowledge in machine learning.

Overall, the Tensor Tournament T3 was a huge success and a testament to the talent and passion of the participating students. It’s clear that the future of machine learning is in good hands with these bright minds and that there will be a reiteration of The Tensor Tournament T3 in the future.