Project Description:

In the current retail industry, many companies use RFID tags to track their products throughout the entire process, from the factory to distribution centers up to the point of sale in stores.
To provide customers with the best possible shopping experience, it is necessary to have all sizes of each product available on the sales floor at all times.
To assist the store management team within this task, RFtrack is developing an evaluation app that tests existing automated RFID hardware for their accuracy to give a suggestion for a scalable and cost-effective solution to the management team. With this suggestion, they can precisely detect the movement of goods between the backstore and the sales floor and therefor know automatically which goods need to be replaced without more workload for the employees.

Development Team: Ute Spiske, Yannik Tannhäuser, Sebastian Scherbel, Aishwarya Lakshmi Srinivasan, Kirana Dhinakar Raj, Shifa e Zainab Sheikh

Scrum Master: Johannes Link, Mohamad Whebi
Partner: Adidas