GaitPhase Database

Study Design

The GaitPhase database consists of gait data from 21 subjects (10 male, 11 female, age: 23.8 yrs ± 3.3 yrs, height: 172.8 cm ± 9.4 cm, weight: 66.6 kg ± 10.9 kg; all values are mean ± standard deviation). In total, 25306 steps were acquired. All subjects gave written informed consent.

The performed excercise was walking on a split-belt treadmill at 12 different speeds in the interval [0.6, 1.7] m/s with 0.1 m/s increments for one minute at each speed.

Hardware Equipment and Sensor Setup

Three-dimensional kinematic data using a Qualisys (Qualisys AB, Gothenburg, Sweden) motion capture system with 8 Oqus cameras sampling at 200 Hz and an instrumented Bertec (Bertec Corporation, Columbus, OH, USA) split-belt treadmill with integrated force plates sampling at 1000 Hz were used for data acquisition. Both systems were synchronized camera frame-wise.


Please cite this publication when using GaitPhase database:

Hebenstreit, F., Leibold, A., Krinner, S., Welsch, G., Lochmann, M., Eskofier, B.M. (2014) Are Relative Gait Phase Durations Speed Dependent?, submitted.


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