Insa Suchantke

Insa Suchantke

Bachelor's Thesis

Application for controlling a wearable electrostimulator for prediction of migraine attacks

Robert Riche r(M.Sc.), Dr. Roberto de ColProf. Dr. Clemens Forster, Prof. Dr. Björn Eskofier

01/2018 – 06/2018

14 % of the German population suffers from migraine which is a common and incurable headache disease. This disease is seriously affecting the life of these migraine patients. The biggest problem with migraine is that the exact time of an attack can not be predicted. A study conducted by researchers from the Institute of Physiology and Pathophysiology at the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg deals with pain perception during electrical stimulation of the patient’s head in order to predict a migraine attack. In this Bachelor’s thesis, an application for Android-based smartphones, in combination with an Arduino-based control unit for controlling an electrostimulator was developed within the framework of this study.

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