Daniel Kriegl

Daniel Kriegl

Master's Thesis

Conception and Prototyping of an Enterprise Process and Data Analytics Platform for E-Commerce Decision Making


Michael Nissen (M. Sc.), Dr. Heike Leutheuser, Prof. Dr. Björn Eskofier


05 / 2023 – 10 / 2023


E-Commerce plays a central role in the growth of companies. Despite having access to a lot of data, the possibilities of business intelligence (BI) are hardly used to generate relevant insights, although these are the basis for better decisions [1-3]. BI systems and BI tools provide a good foundation for decision-making [3]. Companies collect large amounts of data such as customer profiles, purchase behavior, payment methods and satisfaction. Small and medium sized businesses in particular lack the ability to analyze this data in a meaningful way to generate insights, because of the missing information analysis capabilities that treat the large, heterogeneous and volatile aspects of the data collected [4]. Related work raises several open questions: How can business intelligence be integrated, collaborated upon, and adopted effectively to enable ease of use, streamline workflows, and enhance predictive abilities [2]? How can the combination of business intelligence and e-commerce be applied to businesses, and what are the short and long-term benefits [1]? This thesis aims to identify the requirements and potentials of e-commerce combined with business intelligence for developing a decision support systems for businesses. Furthermore creating a user experience (UX) prototype that enables non-data scientists to make informed decisions by presenting the data in an easily understandable way and providing supports for their interpretation and which decisions could be influenced. Future work can build upon this prototype to create a full-fledged platform.


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