Student Courses

Legged Locomotion of Robots



Time and place:

  • Tue 10:15-11:45, Room 00.010

Fields of study

  • WF EEI-BA from SEM 6
  • WF EEI-MA from SEM 1
  • WPF INF-MA from SEM 1
  • WF MT-MA-BDV from SEM 1
  • WF MT-MA-GPP from SEM 1
  • WF MT-MA-MEL from SEM 1

ECTS information




Legged robots help researchers understand human and animal locomotion. Furthermore, legged robots have many different applications, for example to aid in dangerous environments and in rehabilitation. Active prosthetics and exoskeletons improve gait of people with a disability, like a spinal cord injury or an amputation. The goal of this seminar is to become familiar with different algorithms and analysis methods that are used for legged robotics. Important concepts here are the energetics and the stability. Robots should be energy efficient, in the case of an exoskeleton to not lose battery power for a day. Obviously, stability is important to avoid falls. Each student will perform a literature review of a specific concept related to robot locomotion. The concepts can be chosen from a list, or the student can propose their own topic.

The date/time of the lectures will be the same, but it will be held via Zoom. Further instructions will be posted on StudOn ( ).

Additional information

Keywords: Robotics, Humanoids, Legged Locomotion, Walking Robots, Control, Dynamic Walking, Stability, Energetics

Expected participants: 10