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A look inside the human body - gait analysis and simulation



Time and place:

Organisation and slides via StudOn. Grading: written or oral exam

  • Wed 16:15-17:45, Room H15

Fields of study

  • WPF INF-MA from SEM 1
  • WF EEI-MA from SEM 1
  • WF MT-MA-BDV from SEM 1
  • WF MT-MA-GPP from SEM 1
  • WF MT-MA-MEL from SEM 1

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The aim of this lecture is to teach methods of gait analysis and simulation. Gait analysis experiments will be covered, as well as more modern approaches to gather walking data. Techniques to process gait analysis experiments are discussed, as well as dynamic models that can be used to create gait simulations.
This lecture addresses the following topics:

- Measurement systems for gait analysis
- Methods to calculate joint kinetics and kinematics from experimental data
- Muscle biology, specific to force generation, and modelling of muscles
- Methods to calculate muscle activation from experimental data
- Energetics of walking
- Multibody dynamics
- Creating simulations of gait


Biomechanics and Motor Control of Movement, David A Winter, University of Waterloo press, available online, lecture slides and papers assigned during class

Additional information

Keywords: gait analysis, trajectory optimization, gait simulation, inverse kinetic, inverse kinematics, muscle modelling, musculoskeletal models, metabolic energy

Expected participants: 100