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The online course "Becoming an innovative engineer” will complement the technical knowledge which you gained in other courses. It therefore gives you a broad overview about various topics and empowers you to make use of your technical background to become an innovative engineer.
The course comprises seven topics to fulfill the learning objectives descripted below:

*1. Empowerment and Teamwork*

Theory of enterprise content management which is fundamental for successful teamwork.

*2. Organizational Creativity*

Individual creativity, team creativity, and organizational creativity since innovation requires creativity.

*3. Business Design*

Insights into what must be considered when founding a business.

*4. Prototyping*

Basics of prototyping as it is key for fast and efficient development.

*5. Agile Development*

Agile development methods empowering them to manage their development workflow.

*6. Source Control via Git*

How source code can be efficiently controlled using git.

*7. Testing of Software Systems*

Fundamentals and principles of software testing which is necessary for every successful software product.

This course is a shared online course of the [HMDA] partner universities and was created at the FAU with support of [EIT Health]