ID 2372: Investigation of Motives and Motivation in Running

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Bachelor’s Thesis / Master’s Thesis / Research Internship / Project

Running has become an increasingly popular way to become physically active and to support psychological health. Previous research indicates, that even individual sports like running are socially influenced. It has been shown, that a running partner can positively influence motivation, while no effects on performance could have been found yet. Nevertheless, a comparison with an unrealistic standard could also discourage runners and decrease their perceived motivation. Further, it has been shown that the motivation to run is dependent on upcoming running events such as marathons, gender, age, emotional well-being and other factors. However, only a limited number of studies are observing individuals over a longer period and are taking pre-run and post-run motivation into account.


The goal of this project is to support the data collection to implement a long-term questionnaire-based running study that assesses multiple factors such as the running constellation, the motivation pre-run and post-run as well as the performance. For the data collection, an application should be developed, that allows runners to answer the questions easily and quickly before and after each run. The application will then be distributed to runners. Further, the application should display summaries of the runners’ information and running recommendations to the users.


  • Implementation of an appealing and low-effort application to collect questionnaire data.
  • Implement a way to transmit the data to the study team.
  • Calculation of statistics based on the entered data.
  • Visualization of recommendations and training tips.


  • Experience in Python
  • Interest and Experience in App/Web application design
  • Basic Knowledge of Human-Computer-Interaction


Please include a short paragraph about your motivation, a CV, and an up-to-date transcript of records.

Rebecca Lennartz, M. Sc.

Researcher & Doctoral Candidate

Maike Stöve, M. Sc.

Researcher & PhD Candidate