ID 2308: Re-Identification for Polar Bears and Other Animals

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Research Internship / Master Project / Master Thesis

Re-Identification of individual animals is an important task for zoological institutions as well as observations in the wild. This serves the purpose of Animal Welfare, Conservation and Research.


  • Help Biologists and Veterinarians to automate analysis
  • Improve Animal Welfare
  • Develop Methods for In Situ Conservation


  • 10 participating institutions, number increasing
  • Labeled data of Polar Bears, Salamanders, Wolves

Potential tasks

  • Implementation of re-ID methods
  • Enlargement of the dataset
  • Travel to acquire data 😉


  • Good Knowledge of Python / Deep Learning / PyTorch
  • Interest in Animal Welfare


Matthias Zürl, M. Sc.

Researcher & PhD Candidate


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