Talk and New Paper: The Adoption of AI in Healthcare SMEs

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Philipp Dumbach and Ruining Liu presented our research on “The Adoption Of Artificial Intelligence In SMEs – A Cross-National Comparison In German And Chinese Healthcare” at the BIR 2021 Workshops co-located with the 20th International Conference on Perspectives in Business Informatics Research (BIR 2021) ( from 22-24 September 2021. This research origins from fantastic cooperation between MaD Lab and the Chair of Information Systems (WI1). We chose a multiple-case study design using expert interviews with SMEs. Our results contribute to current empirical research with a cross-national comparison in Germany and China on the status of AI development and adoption, the perceived advantages and challenges of AI, as well as the expected future development and implementation of AI in healthcare in the upcoming five years.

Congratulations to the authors: Philipp Dumbach, Ruining Liu, Max Jalowski and Bjoern Eskofier.


The paper can be found via: